Jill Biden rescues her husband from post-speech confusion

 January 8, 2024

First Lady Jill Biden had to come to the aid of her husband - President Joe Biden - after he appeared to enter into a state of confusion following one of his recent speeches. 

The incident, according to The Daily Mail, took place on Friday, Jan. 5, 2024, when President Biden gave a speech in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

The incident occurred just after Biden concluded his speech.

As you will see, the First Lady may have rescued her husband from the stage, but she did not rescue him from the confusion. Biden seemed to still be confused when he was caught on camera later that day.

The rescue

The above video captures the entire incident. It picks up just at the end of the speech, when the viewer can see Jill Biden rushing up onto the stage and embracing her husband.

As they embrace, it appears that the First Lady whispers something into her husband's ear. Whatever she said, however, was not picked up by the cameras.

After the embrace, the First Lady attempts to lead her husband off of the stage, but Biden begins talking into the microphones - despite the fact that his exit music was already being blasted into the loudspeakers.

After that, the First Lady was finally able to take her husband by the hand and to lead him off of the stage.

It's not a good look

One question that you may be asking yourself is why was it necessary for the First Lady to rush up onto the stage, grab her husband's hand, and lead him off the stage. It is a question that requires some speculation to answer, so you will have to draw your own conclusions.

It is, however, worth pointing out that there are many concerns about the 81-year-old Biden's mental fitness, and he has frequently had trouble exiting the stage after speeches. With that being said, this, perhaps, is how the White House has decided to solve this problem - by having the First Lady lead the president off of the stage.

Both President Biden and the First Lady were mocked on social media for the incident. RNC Research’s Jake Schneider, for example, wrote, "She's walking him off the stage like a child."

Unfortunately for Biden, the situation did not end there. Later that day, he and the First Lady were caught exiting the presidential helicopter, and Biden still appeared to be in a state of confusion.

You can find the video of Biden exiting the helicopter here. RNC Research, the group that posted the video, captioned it, "After two weeks of vacation and a 32-minute speech, Biden is back in Delaware for a weekend respite. He was VERY confused upon landing."

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