Jill Biden laughs off criticisms of husband’s cognitive health, says it’s ‘ridiculous’

One doesn’t need a medical degree to assess that President Joe Biden, at the very least, suffers from age-related cognitive decline, which is a normal, biological issue in people of his age. While otherwise it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, the problem is that Biden is a much slower, more confused version of himself now, and he happens to be in charge of the United States.

While most of the mainstream media has worked tirelessly to avoid the conversation about Biden’s cognitive health, CBS anchor Rita Braver asked First Lady Jill Biden about it on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, it appears as if Jill Biden is in denial, as she laughed off the concerns about her husband’s cognitive health as “ridiculous,” as The Daily Wire reported

The first lady also seems to be of the belief that once Americans realize all of her husband’s accomplishments in the last 11 months, which is laughable on its own, that his polling numbers will begin to climb back up to normal levels.

Hopefully, the first lady is only saying what she has to say to avoid negative publicity, because if she actually believes that, it sounds as if she might need to take the same cognitive abilities test as her husband has been requested to undergo.

Jill Biden’s spin

The first lady was asked by Braver if her husband’s plummeting poll numbers gave her cause for concern. Of course, Jill Biden had plenty of spin at the ready to make it sound as if his approval rating crisis is only a temporary glitch.

“During the campaign, Joe made certain promises, things that he would do,” she said. “And we were going through a pandemic, which no one could have anticipated. So he did come in and rescue America with the American Rescue Plan.”

She added: “And now with the infrastructure plan, we’re going to have better roads and better buildings that don’t have asbestos, better drinking water.”

Braver then asked if Jill Biden thinks that once Americans soak all of that information in, that President Biden’s poll numbers will jump.

“I do,” the first lady responded. “I do.”

“That’s ridiculous”

From there, Braver turned to a subject most journalists won’t touch for fear of shedding a negative light on the president, saying, “because there have been some recent polls that show that quite a few Americans have some questions about the President’s current mental fitness.”

Jill Biden acknowledged the issue before Braver asked: “So what’s your response to that?”

“I think that’s ridiculous,” the first lady responded. It should be noted that she provided the exact same answer to the media when posed with the same question last year, The Daily Wire noted in a previous report.

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