Jill Biden claims it's PRESIDENT TRUMP who 'can't put a sentence together'

 May 29, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Jill Biden, on a television talk show with sympathetic supporters, now has wildly claimed that it is President Donald Trump who "can't put a sentence together."

She was talking in anticipation of the debate scheduled later in June between her husband, whose career in verbal gaffes, blunders, and slipups extends back decades, and even at one point triggered a book on his misstatements and Trump.

She said there are guardrails planned for the debate, at Joe Biden's insistence, that there be no audience, that microphones be turned off periodically, and more.

That, she said, is so somebody "can't ramble, or scream at somebody, not that my husband would be the one doing that."

She continued, "I think the American people deserve a debate. Because you need to see your choices. You need to see Trump, and you need to see the president. You need to see the differences. And my husband's … And you're going to see how smart he is and the experience he has."

Then, she said, "You'll see somebody who like you're saying … can't put a sentence together. And everything is beautiful. And it's wonderful… I think you deserve, the American people deserve … your choice is going to be clear."

It's Biden's gaffes that regularly have hit the headlines.

His catalog of known verbal blunders goes on forever. He once told a supporter confined to a wheelchair to "stand up" and more recently openly wondered how long it would be before voters figured out they couldn't trust him.

Among his latest is his reference to the Jan. 6, "erectionists."

Presumably, he would mean "insurrectionists," a label with which Democrats have tarred those Jan. 6, 2021, protesters, some of whom rioted, who were at the Capitol that day to protest the election of Joe Biden.

One response was, "So the whole J6 was caused by Viagra?"

The 2020 election, of course, was subjected to the undue influence of $400 million plus handed out to elections officials by Mark Zuckerberg. They mostly used it to recruit voters in Democrat districts.

Further, the FBI engaged in election interference by falsely telling media corporations that the accurate reporting about Biden family scandals, derived from information in Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop, was disinformation.

One response simply was, "Trump Derangement Syndrome is a disease," and explained, "It's a condition where objective thinking and rational judgment are entirely consumed by extreme hatred. Logic and reason are compromised by a false data set of bias and propaganda."

Biden's "perfectionist" gaffe triggered a satirical video that pokes fun at his inability to convey a thought.

It was during that "perfectionist" speech that he made nine flubs and blunders.

The White House staff, of course, protects him by correcting what he says when the official transcript of his comments is released.

The video, posted on Rumble, purports to reveal the frustrations of "Joe's Comms Team."

Among the fixes was that Biden was happy to receive an "award," not an "organization" as he said.

He wasn't meaning to crack down on landlords "who keep rent down." And he didn't mean to say bloodshed; should have been a bloodbath. And he was supposed to boast of saving families $800. He claimed it was $800,000.

Prominent was his claim to condemn "erectionists," almost as good as when he wondered aloud how long it would take for voters to figure out they couldn't trust him.

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