Jill Biden claims 'all of our rights' are in danger if Trump expands Supreme Court majority

 May 31, 2024

Jill Biden claimed that "we will lose all of our rights" if Donald Trump appoints another conservative to the Supreme Court.

"We will lose all of our rights. We are taking about all our rights, women’s right, gay rights," she told The View. 

The alarmist rhetoric was a familiar echo of the Biden campaign's talking points, which have emphasized abortion and the idea of Trump as a dangerous dictator.

President Biden has sought to keep abortion at the forefront of the voters' minds, as Biden receives poor reviews on immigration and the economy. Many Americans are harboring doubts about his age as well.

Jill Biden's dramatic charge

His wife sought to paint Trump as a chaotic and authoritarian figure, citing Trump's comments about a "bloodbath" in the car industry, which have been widely misrepresented as a call to violence.

"It could get a lot worse under a Trump presidency. I mean, you have to believe him when he uses words like dictator, bloodbath, third term, violence. We’ve seen it so when he says these words, believe him. Don’t think this isn’t going to happen," she said.

Turning to another major campaign theme of her husband's, Jill painted Trump as the leader of a political and judicial assault on women's rights.

Joe Biden has been reminding voters that Trump was responsible for repealing Roe v. Wade, which sent abortion regulation back to the state level. Jill Biden mentioned her husband's pledge to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law and recent moves to restrict IVF in Alabama.

"And women’s rights, absolutely women’s rights and IVF. I mean, we have to have a choice. Joe wants to codify Roe and we have to. We have to fight hard so we get it back," Jill Biden said.

Alarmist rhetoric

Biden claimed that the Supreme Court will strip "all of our rights" if Trump wins another term and adds one more justice to the bench.

"We keep thinking this won’t be taken away, but we cannot take things for granted because they can. And think of the Supreme Court for God’s sake. Talk about things getting worse. Can you imagine if we put any more Republicans on the Supreme Court?"

The dramatic message comes as Democrats have stepped up another assault on the Supreme Court's legitimacy, targeting conservative Samuel Alito and his wife over flag displays at their private home.

The fearmongering from Democrats is certain to escalate in the coming months, with polls showing Biden dangerously close to losing re-election.

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