Jill Biden set to campaign in Virginia ahead of gubernatorial election

First lady Jill Biden is hitting the campaign trail in Virginia about a month ahead of what is shaping up to be a close gubernatorial race.

She will be campaigning on Friday for Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, who is facing off against GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin. A number of prominent progressives are attempting to rally Virginia Democrats around McAuliffe.

First lady heads to Virginia

Although the Biden administration continues to experience sagging approval numbers, Democratic operatives apparently believe the first lady still has enough support to benefit McAuliffe.

In general, Democrats are facing long odds of retaining power on Capitol Hill after next year’s midterm elections. In the meantime, the party seems intent on consolidating as much political power as possible.

Given its proximity to D.C. and occasional swing-state status, Virginia could be a key state for either party — and might prove pivotal for Democrats ahead of a tough election year.

The upcoming gubernatorial election is potentially a referendum on the Biden administration’s performance, which would not bode well for McAuliffe’s chances.

Jill Biden will not be the only high-profile Democratic Party figure campaigning in Virginia in the coming days. She will be

Biden joined by other top Dems

Former Georgia gubernatorial Stacey Abrams, who has become a ubiquitous figure on the campaign trail, will join the first lady on behalf of the Virginia hopeful.

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), who launched her own 2020 presidential bid, is also set to make a surprise appearance on the campaign trail.

Despite the Democratic star power lined up behind McAuliffe, party leaders are clearly aware of the high stakes associated with this election, which increasingly looks like a toss-up. Experts might have predicted that the Democrat would have this race in the bag just a few months ago, but Biden has continued to drag his party down as his administration grows more unpopular by the day.

It remains to be seen what impact Biden’s approval rating has on the races in the rest of the country next year.

One thing that seems clear right now, however, is that with low marks for his response to various important issues, Biden does not appear to be in a position to reverse his troubling trend anytime soon.

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