First lady Jill Biden booed loudly during appearance at Philadelphia Eagles football game

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to be downright dismal, and it appears that his decided unpopularity with the American people extends to his wife, first lady Jill Biden.

Jill Biden took part in some pre-game festivities Sunday night ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys NFL game, and was met with a chorus of boos from the notoriously tough Philly fans, the Conservative Brief reported.

Even the fact that the first lady is a “Philly girl” who hails from the Philadelphia area wasn’t enough to save her from the expressed displeasure of much of the crowd when her presence at the game was made known.

Jill Biden attends Eagles vs. Cowboys game

According to The Post Millennial, Jill Biden was at the Eagles game Sunday night to promote the Biden administration’s initiatives to battle cancer, and took to midfield as an honorary captain of her hometown team to participate in the coin toss to start the game.

She was also joined on the field by a group of cancer survivors to lead the singing of Philadelphia’s fight song, “Fly Eagles Fly” — though that likely didn’t go quite as intended, based upon the reaction from some in the crowd.

Not a particularly welcoming reception

As Biden and her cohorts attempted to lead the crowd in singing the fight song, the song was nearly overwhelmed by a loud and continuous chorus of boos from some of the fans in the stands.

There were multiple videos of the booing on social media — though they are becoming increasingly difficult to find, for some reason — and in a few of those videos, particularly those shot with cell phone cameras from up in the stands, the infamous “F–k Joe Biden” and more family-friendly “Let’s go, Brandon” chants could allegedly be heard.

Media can’t completely hide or deny boos

Mainstream and social media did their worst to try and disguise or hide the loud booing and anti-Biden chants, but even in an official tweet from NBC’s Sunday Night Football account to share Biden’s rendition of “Fly Eagles Fly,” some of the booing from the crowd could be heard amid the singing.

Despite what the mainstream media may say, the president and first lady are not particularly popular, even in a rather deep blue Democratic city like Philadelphia, and that reality ought to be a top concern for the White House ahead of the impending midterm elections and upcoming 2024 presidential election cycle.

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