Jihadists kill 41, injure more than 100 in first few days of Ramadan

Ramadan has become less about Muslims celebrating their religion and more about killing people.

Since the start of Ramadan, 41 people have been slaughtered by Jihadists.

A Place in Paradise

Observing Ramadan is supposed to increase the rewards of good behavior according to Muslim beliefs.

Traditionally, Muslims fast from sunrise to sundown.

They must also refrain from smoking, drinking any liquids, and any sexual activity.

Sinful behavior is also forbidden during this team, as is lying, insulting, and cursing.

During this time, Muslims will offer additional prayers.


The time of Ramadan has also become bastardized by radical Islamists to include one more thing… murdering infidels.

Extremists believe ridding the earth of infidels during Ramadan will assure them a place in paradise with Allah.

This is why attacks by Jihadists always seem to increase during this month-long celebration.

Jihadist Attacks

One of the worst attacks so far took place in Afghanistan, where nine people were killed and an additional seven were wounded by the Taliban.

The same group is believed to have been behind a second attack that killed eight people, leaving 55 wounded.

While the Afghani president has pleaded for these merciless attacks to not take place during the religious holiday, his pleas have been ignored.

It was apparent his plea was falling on deaf ears right from the very first day of Ramadan.

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By the end of day one, a handful of attacks had already taken place, leaving a dozen people dead and more than two dozen wounded.

By the end of the holiday, we can more than likely expect hundreds to have fallen victim to these terrorists.

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