Jewish groups frustrated with Biden’s failure to acknowledge uptick in anti-Semitic violence

As the deadly conflict between Israel and Hamas terrorists erupted earlier in May, President Joe Biden impressively defended Israel’s right to self-defense against a seemingly constant barrage of Hamas-led rocket attacks on major cities across Jewish state.

However, Biden — who once claimed during his 2020 presidential campaign to “lead a comprehensive approach to battling anti-Semitism” — seems to have forgotten that promise as a wave of anti-Semitic violence has erupted across the United States, leaving Jewish groups frustrated at his lack of response on the alarming issue, according to the Daily Caller

What’s going on?

The Biden administration, which reportedly held over 80 talks “with senior leaders in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and across the region,” has yet to formally recognize a noticeable uptick in anti-Semitic attacks unfolding across America.

In stark contrast, the Biden administration rapidly condemned an uptick in attacks on Asian Americans earlier this year, while also taking an immediate stance on the increased number of Black males shot and killed in officer-involved shootings.

The Daily Caller reached out to the White House for clarification and only received a delayed reply which referred the outlet to recent tweets from Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice, who briefly touched on the subject of the increase in anti-Semitic attacks in America.

“During this Jewish American Heritage Month, I was proud to honor my friend Abe Foxman, who’s devoted his life to battling anti-Semitism & bigotry,” Rice tweeted. “The spike in anti-Semitic attacks around the world & here at home is despicable & must be roundly condemned and forcefully countered.”

In a follow-up tweet, Rice pointed to the recent signing of the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, explaining that it bolsters the government’s ability to “prevent and respond to hate crimes of all kinds, including hate crimes targeting Jewish Americans.”

Jewish groups ask for solidarity

Leaders within the Jewish community, such as Michael Makovsky, president and CEO of the D.C.-based Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), said that a little solidarity from the White House on the current increase in anti-Semitic attacks would go a long way.

“I think it would be good to see the president and other leaders from both parties kind of show solidarity – to show that Jewish lives matter also and that Jewish lives are not cheap. I think a lot of Jews are starting to feel that their lives are seen as cheap in recent years,” Makovsky said.

John Hannah, a senior fellow at the same institute, issued a stronger statement over the Biden administration’s seeming lack of response to the important issue, labeling it as a “missed opportunity” for Biden’s White House.

“The failure of the administration and President Biden himself to condemn them immediately has been disappointing and a missed opportunity. The virus of Jew hatred, dressed up as anti-Israel activism, is spreading at an alarming rate on both ends of the political spectrum,” Hannah told the Daily Caller.

Only time will tell if Biden realizes the growing frustration within the Jewish community concerning his lack of responding to such a critical issue and directly confronts it, but so far, it seems as if mum’s the word.

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