Jessica Vogel, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ contestant from N.J., dies at 34

A 34-year-old former contestant on Hell’s Kitchen passed away this week.

Jessica Vogel, who resided in Westwood, NJ, has died of heart complications.

Tragic Death

According to Vogel’s fiancé, Michael Keyser, Vogel was being treated for colitis.

While being treated, she developed heart problems and “her heart gave out.”

Vogel was not one to shy away from her health problems.

In a since-deleted 2017 post on Medium, she revealed an apparent life of excess.

“Did my lifestyle of sex, drugs and foie gras come to born again Christian revelation?” she wrote.

She later said: “Life is a blaze of glory. I don’t know if you want an adventure tale, but I’m here and ready to tell my tale. My name is Jess and I’ve lived to tell about it.”

Impressive Skills

While some may question her lifestyle choices, there is little argument about her culinary skills.

Educated at the famed Johnson & Wales, she was a rising star in the industry.

Vogel impressed one of the hardest chef’s in the country in 2014 while appearing as a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay has made a career of berating chefs on national television, but he was quite complimentary of Vogel.

After preparing a rosemary-crusted venison, Ramsay gushed over the dish.

“Venison is one of the most difficult proteins to cook and you absolutely nailed it,” Ramsay told her.

After Hell’s Kitchen, Vogel served as the executive chef at Black Rebel Burger.

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Unfortunately for Vogel, the restaurant closed its doors in 2017.

She also appeared on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen in 2016.

She will be dearly missed.

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