Jesse Watters warns Biden now subject to blackmail by his own White House

 February 15, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Fox News host Jesse Watters is warning that Joe Biden now is the potential victim of blackmail by his own White House.

It's all amid the fallout from a special counsel investigation into Biden's willful decision to take and keep classified government documents in unsecured locations like a private office, his home, even a garage.

Special counsel Robert Hur found substantial evidence against Biden for just those charges but recommended against any charges because, he said, a jury would see Biden as an elderly man with memory issues, and likely be sympathetic toward him.

Among the evidence he cited was Biden's inability to remember when he was vice president or the time of his son's death.

Watters explains all of that was on tape, to which the White House has access but the American public does not.

Watters explained those tapes essentially are "blackmail tapes."

"If they are released, Biden's reelection is finished. They can be used against him any time."

He warned Biden is now "subject to blackmail by his administration."

Because of the evidence that is contained in the tapes of Biden's interview with Hur.

He pointed out that Biden, a "serial plagiarist," never has been known for his "intellect."

Now, with the evidence from Hur, "Biden knows there's blood in the water" about his cognitive decline.

Biden has feared the issue for some time. Back in 2020, asked about taking a cognitive test, following President Donald Trump's decision to do just that, a test he aced, Biden lashed out angrily, "Why the hell would I take a test?"

Watters pointed out that 86% of Americans believe Biden is not mentally fit for another term in office.

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