Jesse Jackson attacks Trump for serving fast food at the White House

Liberals love to create controversy where there is none — and Jesse Jackson was recently caught doing just that.

After seeing the fast food buffet Trump put out for the Clemson University football team when they recently visited the White House after their national championship victory, Jesse Jackson said he was personally offended by the president’s gesture.

Creating Controversy

Like many other liberals in his fold, Jesse Jackson was trying to create outrage over the food served to the national champion Clemson Tigers.

“The national champions deserved better,” he claimed before saying what Trump did was “beneath the status of their accomplishment.”

There’s one problem with Jackson’s assertion, however.

The players — the actual attendees at the event — loved the food!

The pictures of the event told the real story, as virtually every player on the team had a big smile on his face.

Players who did interviews afterward said they had a blast, as well.

Negative Coverage

Indeed, this is simply another case of the media trying to create a negative narrative regardless of the truth.

Liberal personalities like Jackson and Michael Strahan, are trying to tell these kids they should have been offended to push their own narratives.

The reality of the situation is that these kids had an experience that will likely never be repeated again at the White House — something they talk about for the rest of their lives.

Jackson and Strahan are trying to turn what was a very positive event into a negative one and it is simply not fair to the kids, let alone the president.

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Our message to people like Jackson? Simply leave it alone.

They should allow these kids to remember this event positively, because that was the experience they had — and really, that’s all that matters.

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