Rep. Jerry Nadler cannot understand why Trump Jr. was never indicted

If Democrats can’t get President Donald Trump, they’ve said before that they would go after his children — which is exactly what Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY) is trying to do.

After reading through Robert Mueller’s report, Nadler stated: “I do not understand why he didn’t charge Don Jr., and others in the famous meetings with criminal conspiracy.”

No Proof, No Crime

There is a very funny thing about our country: to prove someone guilty of something, you actually have to have evidence to support your case. (Who would have thought?)

Clearly, Robert Mueller did not have that proof, so there was no indictment of anyone working on the 2016 Trump campaign, including the now-president’s eldest son, Donald Trump, Jr.

Mueller was celebrated and defended by Democrats until his report came up empty.

Now, people like Jerry Nadler are trashing the report and more or less saying Mueller had no idea what he was doing when he reached his conclusions.

What Nadler believes to be conspiracy was a meeting that appeared to be about opposition research. According to Nadler, even agreeing to the meeting shows a criminal conspiracy.

Mueller obviously disagreed with them on this point.

What About Hillary?

If Nadler is going to argue for a case against Donald Trump Jr., then it is only fair to ask him about the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Christopher Steele dossier.

The dossier was straight-up opposition research that came from ties with Russians, yet the Democrats seem perfectly okay with their party paying for a document that was wrongly used to secure FISA warrants.

Meanwhile, Nadler has already submitted his subpoenas demanding the release of a full, unredacted version of the Mueller report.

But Nadler should not spend too much time waiting around for it. By law, he is not entitled to see all of the information, particularly the grand jury testimony.

Too bad, so sad.

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