Jerome Corsi sues Robert Mueller for leaking grand jury information, illegal surveillance

One of the men Special Counsel Robert Mueller was trying to flip against President Donald Trump has just hit him with a major lawsuit.

Jerome Corsi, who has said that Mueller tried to get him to make statements he knew to be false, is suing Mueller for $350 million.

The Lawsuit

Corsi is pulling out all the stops in going after Mueller.

According to the lawsuit filing, he is claiming that Mueller and/or members of his team leaked grand jury items and committed other constitutional violations, including illegal surveillance.

In addition to those charges, Corsi stands by his claim Mueller wanted him to give false testimony against President Trump.

The suit is seeking $100 million in damages as well as an additional $250 million for damage done to his reputation.

Corsi has also named several other agencies in the lawsuit, including the NSA, CIA, and FBI.

Who Is Jerome Corsi?

How much impact this lawsuit will have may teeter on the public’s opinion of Corsi, who was formerly employed by InfoWars, anĀ outlet that was infamous for spreading so-called conspiracy theories.

InfoWars has since been banned by several social media outlets, including Twitter and YouTube.

While giving credence to his claim about Mueller, one of Corsi’s former associates, Roger Stone, warned that Corsi can be a bit outrageous in some of his claims.

In this case, however, Corsi has been adamant that Mueller was trying to force him to provide false testimony.

Additionally, it is unlikely an attorney would have taken on the case unless it had actual merit.

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Having said that, the attorney secured by Corsi, Larry Klayman, may want to hire a proofreader to check his court filings.

The suit claims a violation of the Foreign Sovereignties Immunity Act, but Klayman clearly meant to cite the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, more commonly known as FISA.

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