Report: Jennifer Garner’s boyfriend kept millions after high-profile divorce

When John Miller was divorcing his then-wife, flutist Caroline Campbell, everyone thought the wealthy artist would be taken to the cleaners.

As it turns out, Miller, who also happens to be actress Jennifer Garner’s latest flame, escaped with most of his fortune intact.

Lessons Learned

Miller apparently took a page right out of Garner’s playbook for his own divorce.

The divorce between Garner and Affleck made headlines due to how amicable it was during the proceedings.

If we believe everything we read during that time, even though they were estranged, they very much remained friends.

In fact, it was Garner who took Affleck to rehab while they were separated.

The reason their divorce went on for as long as it did was reportedly due to a lack of paperwork being filed.

When all was said and done, the couple decided on joint custody and an even split of assets.

Miller’s Divorce

Miller is getting a little more attention due to his status as Jennifer’s new beau — and the fact that he was able to walk away from a marriage keeping just about all of his large fortune in his bank account.

According to reports, Campbell waived receiving spousal support.

Additionally, the presiding judge ruled they both have careers, making it possible for them to resume their expected lifestyle without tapping into each other’s accounts.

Miller will retain all rights to intellectual property, business interests, and financial assets.

The one stipulation hitting Miller, though, is that of the care of the children.

Miller will be responsible to pay for their health care, their education, as well as child support.

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With the divorce now finalized, Miller is free to pursue his relationship with Garner publicly.

A close friend said the relationship between the two is getting “pretty serious.”

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