Caitlyn Jenner says Trump’s president has been disappointing

Caitlyn (AKA Bruce) Jenner has a very stern message for President Donald Trump.

As far as Jenner is concerned, the Trump presidency has been “extraordinarily disappointing” so far.

Quietly Protesting

One of the bigger draws to Trump, at least for Jenner, was Trump’s “friendly” position toward the LGBTQ+ community.

It is not exactly standard for a conservative to support this community, especially people who are transgender.

But Trump was vocally supportive of these groups during the election. Still, Jenner now feels that Trump has not followed through on the “promised” support after having been elected.

One of the more notable positions Jenner points to is Trump’s move to ban transgenders from enrolling in the military.

While currently disappointed, Jenner says she has not given up hope because “it’s not over yet.”

Rather than create headlines, though, Jenner has been quietly making trips to Washington to make the case for transgenders.

Jenner believes working quietly behind the scenes is far more effective than letting things play out in the media.

Jenner is a recognized conservative, something that draws the ire from Democrats and liberals. As far as they are concerned, if you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you must be a Democrat, or you are a traitor.

The Future

It will be very interesting to see where Trump lands on this subject as election season starts to heat up.

Trump and Jenner were friends, or at the very least acquaintances, before Jenner transitioned.

Will Trump appease Jenner to try to lock down the LGBTQ+ vote?

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If he does that, he stands to lose support of both the evangelicals as well as hard-nosed conservatives that, to put it bluntly, are disgusted by that demographic.

Rather than make a big move like that, Trump may tout the fact he appointed Richard Grenell, who is openly gay, as the U.S. ambassador to Germany.

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