Jenna Bush Hager reveals her post-pregnancy weight loss secret

Jenna Bush Hager, the daughter of former U.S. President George W. Bush, recently revealed the secret behind her physical transformation, and it turns out, according to the Daily Mail, that her mother, former First Lady Laura Bush, was part of it. 

For those less familiar with Bush Hager, the 40-year-old is married to Henry Hager, and the couple has three kids together: an eight-year-old named Mila, a six-year-old named Poppy, and a two-year-old named Hal.

As a co-host of Today, Bush Hager, in recent years, has publicly discussed the struggles she has had losing weight following her most recent pregnancy. There was one episode in 2019, about three months after she gave birth to Hal, that she publicly weighed herself, coming in at 171.6 pounds.

Recently, however, Bush Hager has noticeably slimmed down, leaving many viewers to wonder how she managed to overcome her struggles with pregnancy-related weight loss.

“What works for me”

Bush Hager revealed her weight loss secret during a January broadcast of Today. She was prompted to do so by co-host Hoda Kotb who praised Bush Hager for her physical transformation.

“People have noticed that there’s like a transformation that’s been happening with you,” Kotb said. “You are — they are just saying, ‘Jen is looking amazing. She’s never looked this good.'”

After Kotb finished, Bush Hager said, “that’s so sweet,” before going on to declare, “I have figured out what works for me.”

“And I think the hard thing is I think we expect things to happen overnight,” Bush Hager added, revealing, “this has actually been almost six months.”

The secret

Bush Hager credited much of her transformation to the work that she has been doing with her personal trainer.

“The difference is I wake up before the show and work out — and really work out,” Bush Hager said. “I work out with an awesome woman named Amanda.”

Bush Hager, though, also revealed that it was her mother, Laura Bush, who reminded her that it takes about two years to get back in shape after giving birth.

Bush Hager went on to offer encouragement to other women who may be experiencing similar struggles.

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