Jemele Hill: Trump to blame for Biden’s lead among Dem primary field

For all of the talk among Democrats about how diverse, inclusive and youthful the crop of 2020 presidential candidates is, it is worth noting that the one standout candidate, by far, is former Vice President Joe Biden, an old white male.

That fact is simply too much to bear for at least one race- and gender-obsessed progressive leftist commentator, who quite predictably blamed President Donald Trump for her own party’s failure to take a chance and fully embrace the racial and sexual diversity it so often espouses, particularly since Hillary Clinton’s crushing 2016 defeat.

“Appeasing the patriarchy”

Writing for The Atlantic, Jemele Hill — the Trump-hating, racial identity-focused, patriarchy-bashing former ESPN anchor — lamented how Biden’s status as the front-runner among Democratic 2020 candidates somehow proved that Trump “has shaken the faith of those who believed the White House could better reflect what America looked like.”

To be sure, Hill noted that Biden’s strong standing among Democrat voters stemmed from the eight years he served alongside former President Barack Obama, and how Biden’s incessant reminders of that fact served as “a not-so-subtle reminder that the former vice president was a fixture of the good old days.”

Yet, Hill wrote, “This is perhaps Trump’s most critical victory yet: successfully persuading Democrats — especially African-American voters — not just to lower the bar, but to abandon the idea that inclusion and bold ideas matter more than appeasing the patriarchy.”

Hill’s lament

In Hill’s view, “the Democratic nominee for president won’t be the person with the best and most progressive ideas, or the person most capable of galvanizing a fractured country.

“The nominee just has to beat Trump, even if the cost of that victory is reinforcing the idea that only an older white man is capable of getting this country back on track,” she added.

In other words, Biden is not even close to being the “best or most progressive” candidate, nor would he be able to bring together the increasingly disparate sides of the divided nation.

But he is old and white and has plenty of political experience, therefore, he has been heralded by the powers that be as the most “electable” of all of those in the running, according to Hill.

Hill concluded her lamentations with this: “Unfortunately, the lesson even Democrats have learned from Trump’s election is that certain voters are willing to tolerate anything if they believe in a candidate. Especially if that candidate is an older white man.”

Blame Hillary

In essence, Hill argued that Trump’s success as an old, white, patriarchal figure has proven so dominant over the country that even Democrats have collectively abandoned their oft-repeated demands for young, minority, and female candidates and are instead settling in behind their own old, white patriarchal figure in order to compete for the White House.

In truth, none of the “diverse” and “inclusive” candidates have much of a real shot to defeat Trump in 2020 — and voters instinctively know that — thus, Biden is pretty much the safe bet for Democratic voters following the utterly humiliating losing gamble those voters took in 2016 with failed candidate Hillary Clinton.

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