Clinton ally Jeffrey Epstein settles sexual abuse case

Jeffrey Epstein’s legal team just made a move that is creating quite a buzz in the political world.

Only moments before jury selection was to begin, Epstein settled a nearly decade-long case brought by alleged sex victims of the longtime Clinton ally.

Avoiding Public Humiliation

The settlement reached by Epstein was not exactly a shock.

For more than a decade, this case has not only been hanging over the head of Jeffrey Epstein, but also over former President Bill Clinton.

By making this settlement, the alleged victims will no longer be able to testify and get their allegations on the record.

There are many who believe that if they had taken the stand, it would have led to significant PR problems for Clinton.

As part of the settlement, though, Epstein had to apologize to attorney Bradley Edwards.

Edwards was representing the alleged victims in the case and Epstein had made several allegations against him as this case played out.

Epstein admitted he had made “false and hurtful” allegations against Edwards.

The Case

The charges against Epstein stunned everyone when they were first announced.

Accusations of harboring child sex slaves, human trafficking, and the like were all linked to Epstein’s private little circle, of which Clinton was apparently a regular part.

Then-U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta let him off with a slap on the wrist, which many believe was done to protect Bill Clinton and members of his private circle.

The deal has come under considerable scrutiny especially recently because Acosta is now Trump’s secretary of Labor, and his name has come up in conversations as being a possible replacement for Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

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But this has just been another smear attempt by liberals to criticize President Donald Trump while ignoring the conduct of Bill Clinton.

Had this case actually gone to trial, there is very little doubt Clinton’s name would have been dragged through the mud as the horrific details of Clinton ally Epstein’s conduct would have finally been made public.

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