Pro-Jeb Bush PAC slapped with $390,000 FEC fine

The critics who have been scrutinizing President Donald Trump for illegal activities during the 2016 presidential election should have been looking at former Florida governor and 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

After a recent investigation by the FEC, a pro-Jeb Bush Super PAC, Right to Rise USA, was hit with a $390,000 fine for soliciting a foreign national contribution.  

Additionally, the Chinese-owned, California-based company American Pacific International Capital, Inc. (APIC), was hit with a $550,000 fine for violating the foreign national contribution ban.

Record-Breaking Fines

In a stunning announcement, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced that groups tied to the Jeb Bush campaign were in violation of several FEC laws.

The “smoking gun” of the FEC investigation was the admission from the president of APIC of having made the donations. As a foreign national, he is not permitted to contribute to an American election.

Furthermore, the PAC itself is not allowed to solicit a donation from a foreign national, which is why the PAC was fined.

As you may recall, Jeb Bush went into the 2016 presidential election with an enormous war chest… and now we know why. In all, the president of APIC stated he had donated $1.3 million to the campaign.

Ties to the Bush Family

These donations were not without cause or connection. Neil Bush, Jeb’s brother, is a member of the APIC Board. Gary Locke, who served as an ambassador to China during the Obama administration, is now a senior adviser to APIC.

We can only imagine the bullet that was dodged by Bush not winning the presidential election in 2016.

With this news rocking the political world, it would not be a surprise for the Supreme Court to revisit its 2010 ruling lifting the restrictions on corporate donations for U.S. elections.

We can also expect Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to have a big, wide smile on her face right now as this is the exact type of “dark money” she has been referring to during congressional hearings.

Unfortunately, though, she has been directing her focus at Trump when she clearly should have been looking into Bush.

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