Judge Jeanine Pirro slams Dems on open borders agenda

Make no mistake about it, Judge Jeanine is back!

The Fox News host’s recent two-week suspension did not dull her attacks one bit: she issued a scathing “Opening Statement” this week that slammed Democrats over their disastrous border security agenda. 

Don’t Patronize Me

Democrats have repeatedly used the phrase, “It’s not who we are,” when going up against Trump’s immigration stance. But Pirro has a problem with that.

“Are we not a sovereign nation?” she asked. “Are we not entitled to reinforce our own borders?”

She went on to ask the question that we know no Democrats will be willing to answer:

“Why are we granting priority to those that want to sneak into our country illegally?”

Take a look at her full segment:

We Don’t Need You

The fact that Democrats are prioritizing those breaking the law over the rule of law is proof-positive that Democrat lawmakers have lost their way.

They are no longer upholding the Constitution, but instead, looking for ways to break it down and destroy it.

Indeed, every Democrat candidate has the welfare of illegal immigrants at the top of their agenda.

And now, candidates like Bernie Sanders are even trying to push a movement that would allow felons in prison to vote.

Judge Jeanine was right in her message to Dems: “We don’t need you.”

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