Jeanine Pirro puts Loretta Lynch on notice about investigation into origins of Russia probe

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro began her program Saturday in typical hard-hitting fashion with a no-punches-pulled “Opening Statement” about how the anti-Trump investigators are now the subjects of investigations themselves.

Mentioned along with several other prominent officials from the Obama administration, Pirro specifically called out former Attorney General Loretta Lynch as someone who should be on notice that her past subversive shenanigans are about to be uncovered.

Time to investigate the investigators

Pirro first spoke at length about the recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Attorney General William Barr and a discussion of the conclusions put forward by special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report.

She righteously blasted Democrats and their media allies for how they reacted to the Mueller report and investigation, which she asserted had been the “biggest political con job and the closest attempt to a successful coup in American history.”

But Pirro made clear that she didn’t want to spend any more time talking about that, and instead shifted focus to new investigations of the investigators.

Pirro: “It’s showtime”

About six minutes into her seven-and-a-half minute segment, Pirro cited unnamed sources and said, “There is an investigation into how this counterintelligence investigation into Trump began. It’s time to investigate the beginnings of this coup and who in the DOJ, FBI and White House signed on to prevent and overturn the will of the American people.”

“Grab your popcorn, folks. It’s showtime,” Pirro said.

“Multiple criminal leak investigations are underway, the FISA warrants are being reviewed, the beginning of the actual investigation that Peter Strozk tried so hard to cover up and the Inspector General’s report expected to be damning to Comey’s FBI and Lynch’s DOJ expected to be out in weeks,” she continued.

“And then it’s really showtime for [Barack] Obama, [John] Brennan, [James] Clapper, Lynch, [Susan] Rice, Strozk, [Andrew] McCabe, [Ben] Rhodes and the whole Cardinal Comey crime family devoting to obstructing not only the will of the American people but obstructing the very foundation of justice in this great nation,” she added.

Watch Pirro’s full statement:

Throughout much of the discussion over the past two years of the various players in the attempted coup against Trump by the Obama administration, Lynch’s name has rarely garnered significant attention.

That may be about to change, however. By virtue of her position as attorney general, Lynch was surely involved at some level in the anti-Trump antics occurring within the DOJ and FBI she ran. Lynch is now on notice that she won’t be flying under the radar very much longer.

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