Jeanine Pirro: IG report on FISA abuse confirms existence of ‘Deep State’

Jeanine Pirro used the “Opening Statement” segment of her Fox News program Justice with Judge Jeanine on Saturday to delve into the findings offered up by Justice Department Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz on the FBI’s 2016 abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.

In the judge’s view, the lengthy and detailed IG report confirmed the existence of the bureaucratic “Deep State” that so many on the left and in the media have denied for years, and she demanded that the “Deep State” leaders who led the effort to surveil then-candidate Donald Trump be held accountable for their actions.

IG confirms existence of Deep State

“It was everything we said it was and everything they said it was not,” Pirro said. “We now have confirmation, corroboration that the Deep State exists, that it worked to spy on and frame a presidential candidate, and plant the seed for his overthrow in the ugliest, most corrupt attempted political coup in U.S. history.”

She went on: “That it occurred at all is stunning, but that it was manipulated to take down a president and remove him from office almost as soon as we’d put him there, essentially overthrowing a government, is an outrage that demands the most severe consequence our criminal justice system has to offer.”

Pirro noted that the revelation of the FBI’s spying on Trump coincided with the two-year Russia collusion investigation and the incessant effort by Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump — all of which serves as evidence of the resistance plot put in place against the duly elected president.

Blatant bias

The judge also pointed out that Attorney General Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham, who are still investigating the origins of the investigations against Trump, disagreed with the IG’s — admittedly limited — conclusion that the basis for the probe had been “legitimate” and free of bias.

With regard to the FBI investigation that occurred under former Director James Comey, Pirro said: “The Comey FBI counterintelligence division believes they can investigate anyone based on what someone heard in a bar and then run with it.

She went on: “But these guys, they didn’t just run with it, they took every left turn and ran every red light in their effort to get their man.”

Their man was Donald Trump, even if the FISA warrant was obtained for campaign aide Carter Page, who in the judge’s words was merely the “window” and “vehicle” by which the FBI gained access to spy on the Trump campaign.

She further noted that all of the 17 serious “errors and omissions” — as identified by the IG — in the FISA warrant for Page and subsequent renewal requests were all conveniently one-sided in that they allowed the FBI to continue to spy on Trump and were confirmation of the inherent anti-Trump bias of the agents and lawyers working the investigation observed in other aspects of the case.

Demanding accountability

“So Donald Trump was right from the beginning. He said they were spying on him and wiretapping him, and they made fun of him, and they ridiculed and condemned him and belittled him,” Pirro said, referencing Trump’s early 2017 complaint about having his “wires tapped” at Trump Tower. She continued:

And although his law enforcement terminology may not have been on point, he was right. Wasn’t he? And every one of the 17 errors identified by the IG going against the president and in favor of the radical leftist ideologues indicate no conclusion other than bias.

Pirro said that this was, by far, the worst instance of deep state corruption by the formerly prestigious FBI, and she concluded that the leaders of the anti-Trump effort wholly deserve whatever retribution comes their way — be it actual justice or just a badly tarnished reputation.

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