WH spox Jean-Pierre angrily snaps at reporters over questions about her refusal to provide answers on Biden classified documents scandal

President Joe Biden’s White House, as exemplified by press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, has been decidedly non-transparent and not forthcoming with information about the still-developing classified documents scandal, and that is causing frustrations all around.

In fact, Jean-Pierre on Wednesday snapped at a reporter for continuing to press the matter in response to the non-answers, repetitive talking points, and constant referrals to other departments from the supposed spokesperson for the president, the Daily Wire reported.

That was but one of several increasingly heated exchanges during Wednesday’s briefing as well as prior briefings over the past week and a half since the media first started to report on Biden’s likely unlawful possession of classified documents from the Obama administration that should have been stored with the National Archives years ago.

Jean-Pierre refuses to answer basic questions from reporters

During Wednesday’s press briefing, Jean-Pierre faced numerous and repeated questions, often in search of mere basic underlying facts, in regard to the classified documents scandal that she routinely brushed aside with pre-written talking points or referrals to the Department of Justice or the White House Counsel’s Office.

At one point, a reporter referenced the constant referrals and noted the current “information blackout” in light of the fact that the DOJ would refer reporters to the appointed special counsel, who isn’t talking at all, while the White House Counsel refers all questions back to the DOJ.

“So if you are not able to talk about this from the podium, would you invite a DOJ official to take our questions here — to the briefing room?” the reporter asked, to which Jean-Pierre replied, “No,” and then proceeded to refer the reporter back to the same DOJ that refuses to answer any questions.

“It’s not your decision to make”

Some heated cross-talk followed before the same reporter then asked if an “assessment” had been done to determine if “national security has been jeopardized,” but Jean-Pierre again referred the question to the DOJ and, when the reporter asked why, the press secretary snapped angrily at the journalist prior to once more reciting one of her oft-repeated talking points that don’t actually answer any pertinent queries.

“And it’s — and let’s be clear, it’s not your decision to make on what I can and can’t answer from here,” Jean-Pierre stated. “What I am telling you is that we are respecting the process. We are being prudent from here. There is an investigation currently happening. And when there is — when there are investigations that are happening, that the DOJ is currently reviewing or looking at, we have been very consistent to say that you need to go to the Department of Justice.”

Earlier in the briefing, Jean-Pierre grew smugly snappy when a reporter called her out for refusing to answer a basic question about remarks President Biden made last year about the ongoing investigation into former President Donald Trump’s classified documents matter, which likely fed into the clearly evident frustrations just a short while later.

Reporters’ “frustration” with Jean-Pierre near the “boiling point”

Interestingly enough, CNN’s Oliver Darcy revealed earlier that same day that a growing number of “exasperated” White House reporters are now anonymously complaining about Jean-Pierre’s apparent inability or unwillingness to answer their basic questions about Biden’s classified documents matter, particularly how she “robotically provides non-answers” and scripted talking points and issues constant referrals to other departments.

One reporter said that White House briefings are now a “painful waste of time” while another said the “temperature has gone up a lot in the last few days,” and Darcy himself surmised that the “frustrations” of all involved had nearly reached a “boiling point” — as was clearly evident during the briefing later that afternoon.

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