Hollywood producer Jason Blum booed off stage after attacking President Trump

Knowing the support President Donald Trump has provided to the Jewish community — what was Jason Blum thinking?

While accepting an award during the 32nd Israel Film Festival, the Hollywood producer went on an anti-Trump rant that caused him to be not only booed, but actually pulled off the stage by event organizers.

False Narrative

After being awarded the IFF Achievement in Film and Television Award, Blum immediately started to lash out at Trump.

“The good thing about this country is that you get to like Trump but I don’t have to and I don’t like him,” Blum stated.

The words had no sooner started to come out of his mouth when crowd members started to lay into him with chants like “we like Donald,” and “get off the stage.”

But when Blum blamed Trump for an alleged increase in anti-Semitism in our country, organizers had heard enough.

As Blum continued to speak, an organizer rushed on stage to pull him off, and even called for further security.

Since he was taken off the stage early, Blum decided to publish his entire speech on Twitter.

He claimed things that are happening here in the states are not happening elsewhere (never mind that many other parts of the world have it way worse than we do in America).

He also said that it is up to people in his industry to inform citizens.

Stoking Hatred

At the end of the day, Blum is guilty of the same things the media and Democrat politicians are guilty of.

He is spreading a narrative that is simply not true.

The elected leader of Israel considers Trump a close friend and ally, yet Blum says Trump is anti-Semitic.

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Trump has done everything in his power to rebuild the relationship with the Jewish community that was so strained under Barack Obama.

Thankfully, attendees at the IFF recognized this and gave Blum the exact reception he deserved during his ridiculous rant.

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