Jared Kushner ends deal with the Trump Organization

President Trump’s son-in-law just made every jaw in the media hit the ground hard.

On Thursday, Jared Kushner announced a business agreement between his company and Trump Organization has been nullified.

The Deal

According to reports, the two organizations were working together to start an oceanfront hotel on the Jersey Shore.

As you may already know, the Jersey shore is where Trump created an empire by building casinos.

At one point, most of the Atlantic City skyline was decorated by numerous hotel/casinos adorned with the Trump name.

Due to a declining economy in the area, Trump moved those properties out of his portfolio.

However, with the recent approval of sports gambling, it would make sense for the Trump organization to once again dive back into that market.

For this particular deal, Kushner was going to hire the Trump organization to take over the management of the property, Pier Village Hotel.

Why Now?

Jared Kushner has found himself under the watchful eye of the media for the first time in his life.

Earlier this year, the management of some of his properties in New York took over headlines.

With there being more and more scrutiny over Trump handing over the operation of his empire to his children rather than placing it into a blind trust, the decision was made to kill this deal to avoid further scrutiny.


The deal in question was not only leading to problems for the President and Kushner.

Earlier this year, the mayor of Long Branch was ousted from office in a landslide election.

His ties to Kushner and a redevelopment project were cited as the main reason he lost the election.

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The “scandal” was over the approval of a $20 million loan approved for Kushner.

This was an office he had held for almost three decades.

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