Report: Trump no longer wants Jared and Ivanka to quit White House roles

Rumors are flying again in the media, this time about President Donald Trump wanting his daughter, Ivanka Trump, and her husband, Jared Kushner, out of Washington.

But according to recent reports, the president considers those two to be a part of his inner circle — and it doesn’t seem that he wants them gone any time soon.

Media Created Story

Once again, we have a major publication using unnamed sources to validate an absolutely ridiculous claim.

This time it was the New York Times that reported that Trump was about to kick his daughter and her husband out of D.C.

Anyone that knows Trump knows how much he loves and respects his daughter.

Just as important, he considers Ivanka to be a very trusted advisor.

There is no arguing that Jared stumbled coming out of the gate, but over the last few months, he has apparently gotten his act together.

The Times‘ sources told the publication that Trump often made bad jokes about Jared and that “Jared hasn’t been good for me.”

Consistent Support

While Trump has faced criticism on both sides of the aisle, sometimes from politicians that claimed to support the president, Jared and Ivanka have never done so much as wince.

As a matter of fact, Jared has often reportedly been the one to get in the face of Republicans that have tried to block Trump’s agenda.

In all honesty, it would not be a surprise to learn that the New York Times was forced to change its angle after Ivanka announced she was distancing herself from her clothing line.

The moment that announcement was made, it was immediately clear the first daughter had no plans of leaving Washington anytime soon.

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For their unwavering support of the president, Ivanka and Jared have seen themselves at the center of some very hateful commentary.

But the Times piece appears to be nothing more than another unfounded cheap shot at a conservative president that refuses to bow to liberal public pressure — and nothing more.

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