Biden’s new ‘Minister of Truth’ Jankowicz claims liberals and minorities, not conservatives, are censored and silenced online

Conservatives and right-leaning independents have complained for several years of facing ideological bias against them and censorship on social media — claims that leftists and the liberal media have routinely mocked and dismissed as unfounded and untrue.

A recent video clip showed, however, that President Joe Biden’s newly appointed “Minister of Truth,” Nina Jankowicz, acknowledged that some voices on social media are censored — though she insisted that it was liberals and minorities who were the ones being silenced, according to Twitchy.

Jankowicz, quite ironically, is the director of the newly formed Disinformation Governance Board with the Department of Homeland Security, an entity that has been compared disfavorably to the blatantly dishonest propagandistic Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s dystopian “1984” novel.

Liberals, not conservatives, are censored and silenced online

A brief clip of Jankowicz began to circulate on social media this week that features her making the jaw-dropping claim that it is liberals and minorities, and not conservatives or independents, who are suffering the worst from online censorship.

“There’s already this idea, this allegation, that there is anti-conservative bias on the platforms, even though there has been study after study proving in fact that often it is liberal voices that are being silenced, particularly minority voices on social media,” Jankowicz said in the video. “So I think we are going to see more allegations of that.”

That assertion from the so-called Minister of Truth whose alleged job is to combat online disinformation is, in fact, nothing short of clearly false disinformation itself, an unmitigated lie that she ought to know is patently untrue.

Lies and insanity

Incredibly, this bald-faced lie from Jankowicz is merely the latest example of statements or actions by her that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has no business being in any sort of position of authority, much less in charge of a federal agency tasked with determining what will be considered true and untrue online.

The Federalist recently reported on six “dystopian” things said or done by Jankowicz that, if President Biden retains any semblance of common sense, should get her fired and replaced in short order.

At the top of that list was her declaration that the now-confirmed true reports about Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 were “Russian disinformation” trafficked by the Trump campaign, though that was rivaled by her continued belief and promotion of former British spy Christopher Steele, who compiled and shopped to the media in 2016 the infamously debunked “Steele dossier” full of provably false disinformation about then-candidate Donald Trump.

Jankowicz has also sought to declare war against online memes, which she described as “malign creativity,” and has called for law enforcement to police online activity and intervene against alleged “online abuse” and harassment.

Finally, Jankowicz has also suggested that criticism and insults of Democratic female politicians, especially Vice President Kamala Harris, are not simply racist and sexist but rise to the level of being a “threat to democracy” — and this is the person that Biden has placed in charge of governing “truth” on social media.

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