Fox News meterologist Janice Dean speaks about battle with multiple sclerosis

Regular viewers of the Fox News Channel are most likely familiar with the network’s senior meteorologist Janice Dean and are aware of the fact that she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Dean has spoken publicly in the past about her MS diagnosis and covered it in her book Mostly Sunny, two aspects of her life that served as topics of conversation between the popular network personality and Fox News host Dana Perino on a recent episode of the online Fox Nation program Dana Perino’s Book Club.

Dean gets personal

Fox News reported that Dean opened up to Perino about the difficulties she faced in writing the “deeply personal” book that documented her childhood and family struggles, her career advancement over the years, as well as her now decade-long struggle with the debilitating disease of MS.

“It’s one thing writing it, but then realizing that people are going to really, really know you…I figured if I’m going to do this, I am going to be really honest about it,” Dean said of the book generally.

As interested as Perino was in the totality of Dean’s story and how she always seems to manage a bright and sunny disposition in spite of her struggles, the host took particular interest in the chapter in Dean’s book that focused specifically on her battle with MS.

Dark diagnosis

“When I was diagnosed it was like the darkest time…but getting a prognosis or diagnosis of MS was very dark. I thought about — I didn’t know much about it,” Dean said, noting that she worried she’d end up in a wheelchair, that her husband would leave her, and that her career would be over.

“So all I was looking for were books or people I could look to where it wasn’t — obviously it’s a challenge — but they were still thriving and still doing OK. I wanted some hope, I wanted some sunshine in a really cloudy, dark time,” she said. “And there wasn’t a lot of books out. I read a few…but there were also very dark books out there, like, ‘don’t tell your employer.'”

“But the one thing that I did have was Neil Cavuto,” Dean said of her fellow Fox colleague, who also suffers from MS and is a cancer survivor.

Support network

Dean described a meeting with Cavuto and how she was crying as she unloaded all of her concerns for him to consider. He kindly sat and listened, without saying much until she was finished.

Cavuto ultimately reassured her that she’d be fine, and though she would undoubtedly face some “tough times” in her struggle with the disease, she was working for a company — Fox News — that would do anything and everything to help her manage her problem, including even installing special wheelchair ramps just for her if that proved necessary.

Dean recalled that following her discussion with Cavuto, she no longer had any fear of losing her job or seeing her career ruined by the devastating disease.

Since that time, Dean says she has never looked back or been overly discouraged in her struggle as she continues to maintain an optimistic and “sunny” outlook on life. Hers is a truly amazing attitude in light of her significant personal battle, and it can serve as inspiration to everyone else similarly struggling with a chronic disease or the inevitable struggles of modern life.

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