Fox News’ Janice Dean mourns in-laws, blames Gov. Cuomo for their ‘avoidable’ COVID deaths

Meteorologist Janice Dean is known among her fans for her upbeat personality during broadcasts of Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends.

In a series of harshly critical tweets aimed at New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, however, she raged over the “avoidable” deaths of seniors in the state — including her husband’s parents.

“We can’t keep everyone alive”

Cuomo has faced backlash in recent weeks over his order instructing nursing homes and long-term care facilities to accept patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. Although he has reversed the decision, Dean and others are holding him personally responsible for a spike in deaths among older patients.

“Despite whatever you do, because with all our progress as a society, we can’t keep everyone alive,” the governor said on Sunday.

His remarks were insufficient for Dean, who tweeted her opinion that the reaction would have been much different if New York were being led by a Republican governor.

“It would be on every single channel and newspaper,” she wrote, adding that she would be “just as furious” if the policy came from a Republican.

“No question their deaths were avoidable”

Although she noted that her husband has requested that she “not scream every day about this,” Dean continued expressing her outrage on Twitter.

“My husband is still grieving about the loss of his parents to this virus,” she wrote. “Both were in nursing/assisted living homes.”

Dean accused Cuomo of attempting to shirk his responsibility.

“But, make no mistake we want answers and there’s no question their deaths were avoidable,” she concluded.

For many residents of New York and beyond, Cuomo’s policy led to an inexcusable threat to vulnerable individuals and his subsequent comments left much to be desired. Nevertheless, his popularity has soared among critics of President Donald Trump who see the governor’s regular press briefings as an alternative to the leadership coming from the White House.

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