Janet Yellen linked to SVB bank collapse

March 13, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

An investigative reporter has revealed a link between Janet Yellen, who is Joe Biden's treasury secretary, and the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

The bank serving mostly tech startups was shut down on Friday after failing, while Biden and others promised no depositor would be forced to bear losses.

It is Paul Sperry, a New York Post columnist and longtime Hoover Institute media fellow, who posted his discovery on social media.

Under a "Developing" alert, he explained, "Fed Reserve Bank of SF that missed massive red flags @ SV Bank run by openly gay diversity quota & Janet Yellen protege Mary Daly who focused more on 'climate change and inequities' than regulating rogue banks like SVB. Also chairs SF Fed Diversity & Inclusion Council…"

One commenter said, online, "This is what happens when elections are stolen," and another said, "Fire them all and make them cover the losses."

Yellen previously served on the Fed.

A report at Twitchy, which monitors and comments on the social media site, pointed out, "Remember when Adam Schiff got Paul Sperry kicked off Twitter for reporting inconvenient stuff? Yeah, this developing story from Sperry definitely feels like something ol' Schiff For Brains wouldn't want out there because it definitely makes it very difficult to keep playing the 'Trump did it" card."

The report explains Yellen's protégé, Mary Daly, "was too busy playing politics and pushing woke agendas to regulate rogue banks like SVB… How every interest."

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