Janet Yellen: Biden’s spending will rid nation of ‘dependence on fossil fuels’

NPR boasted about Joe Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act” and its intent to address climate change by spending $360 billion tax dollars.

“The law includes hundreds of billions of dollars to tackle global warming by building more solar and wind power, making buildings more energy efficient and helping people buy electric vehicles,” the report said.

Of course, opinions differed and The New York Post said even though Biden claimed it is “the most aggressive action ever, ever, ever, ever in confronting the climate crisis,” and the plan could have “a subliminal long-term effect on projected temperature increases, ” “Its cooling potential is, frankly, comical.”

Citing Danish climate expert Bjorn Lomborg of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, the report said Biden’s bill “will do almost nothing to reduce global temperature.”

But it will do one thing, according to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, whose expertise apparently includes the energy industry as well as climate.

It will rid the nation of dependence on oil and gas.

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