James Woods issues dire warning: 'They want you in invisible chains'

August 30, 2023
World Net Daily

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Hollywood star James Woods is sounding the alarm about the desire of global powers to keep the world's populace in extreme captivity, saying, "They want you in chains. Not visible, but in chains."

In a message posted on X Wednesday, the actor specified examples of invisible shackles to keep people in bondage.

"Electric cars, that can be traced and turned off by them. Electric heat, electronic currency, traceable phones, 'cookies,' medical 'passports,' masks."

Woods was commenting on a brief video he shared listing the so-called reasons and excuses given by government authorities and leftists for draconian lockdowns and restrictions related to the COVID pandemic.

The video displays a short statement that the public was told about the coronavirus restrictions:

"It's just a mask.

"It's just two meters. (six feet)

"It's just three weeks.

"It's just non-essential businesses.

"It's just non-essential workers.

"It's just until we work it out.

"It's just a bar.

"It's just a restaurant.

"It's just care homes.

"It's just schools.

"It's just to keep overwhelming medical services.

"It's just until the cases go down.

"It's just to flatten the curve.

"It's just to keep others from being scared.

"It's just for a few more weeks.

"It's just gyms, salons, spas & sport.

"It's just churches & mosques.

"It's just singing.

"It's just no happy birthday, no shared cakes.

"It's just travel.

"It's just three months of lockdown.

"It's just some floor markings & temporary screens.

"It's just a one-way system.

"It's just until we get a vaccine.

"It's just an app.

"It's just for tracing.

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