James O'Keefe out at Project Veritas

February 20, 2023
World Net Daily

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James O'Keefe, the founder and main driver behind the stunningly long list of Project Veritas' video series exposing leftists and others, is out at the nonprofit organization, published reports say.

The Post Millennial said O'Keefe founded Project Veritas in 2011 and "his brand of provocative journalism changed the face of investigative reporting."

Recently, the organization's video reporting had caught an official for Pfizer boasting that his company was mutating the COVID-19 virus in order to be called upon to provide a continuing stream of shots, then the official claimed he was lying when he said that.

The federal government at one point raided O'Keefe's home after he decided not to run a story based on a diary left in a rental unit by Joe Biden's daughter, in which the daughter suggested there were father-daughter showers that likely were inappropriate.

The Post Millennial said, "Founder and CEO of investigative journalism organization Project Veritas are reportedly leaving the company he founded in 2011. This comes after some 16 staffers tried to oust him from the leadership of his own company, claiming, among other things, that he was difficult to work for and once even stole a sandwich, resulting in a dispute within the board of directors."

The report cited Neil McCabe of OAN who wrote of the change on Twitter, with O'Keefe delivering his resignation to the organization's office in Mamaroneck, New York. But Project Veritas' RC Maxwell said that O'Keefe in fact was removed from his post by the board.

The report said 16 staffers sent a complaint letter to the board several weeks ago, complaining of his "management style" and more.

"Many supporters and donors all balked at the idea that Veritas could continue without O'Keefe at the helm and prominent conservatives gave their support for O'Keefe," the report said.

Also, donors had dispatched a Cease and Desist letter to the board, saying the law firm of Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders represented a "large group of significant donors" and expressing "grave concerns" about the board's actions.

"The big wig donors to Project Veritas are not taking the board actions against James O’Keefe lying down," a source said in the report. "Looks like they have hired a big-name law firm that sent a letter which seems to suggest the board is running afoul of Virginia law and exposing themselves to substantial liability!"

Project Veritas' work was launched when O'Keefe walked into an ACORN office in 2009 posing as a pimp, Hannah Giles posing as a prostitute, and "exposed workers there actively assisting the duo to set up sex trafficking operations. The workers exposed on video were fired, ACORN lost its government contracts, and the whole operation shut down within a year," the report said.

report at Yahoo said the departure of O'Keefe was a "resignation."

It said, "O’Keefe, who became a star on the right by targeting journalists and liberal groups in hidden-camera stings, was placed on paid leave earlier this month amid a dispute with the nonprofit’s board. The board reversed O’Keefe’s firing of two top executives, and received a lengthy memo from unhappy employees detailing O’Keefe’s allegedly 'outright cruel' conduct."

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