James Comey Used Top Secret Bunker At Time Of Leak

James Comey apparently takes himself way too seriously. Because on Thursday, a special report by the Department of Justice inspector general revealed that Comey had a secure room in his basement built so he could work on classified matters from the private comforts of his own home.

But according to that report, Comey later reportedly decided NOT to use the room for work because it got too hot.

Comey’s bunker contained Unclassified, Secret, and Top Secret/SCI enclaves, with a secured safe and printer. Comey described the room as a “very, very small” windowless closet in his basement, where he claimed it “was always about 110 degrees,” according to the IG report.

Via the actual report itself:

“Comey said that when he was working at home on unclassified material, for example a speech, he would draft it on his personal laptop, then forward the draft to his FBI account, instead of working in the SCIF [Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility] (which he described as a ‘sweat box’).”

But alas, Comey didn’t use the secured computers in his bunker when he decided to leak sensitive information in a plot to hurt Donald Trump politically. Instead, it seems that he used his own private computer to write up the anti-Trump memo.

When this alarming fact was discovered, investigators were worried and asked Comey about his decision.

According to the New York Post:

“Asked why, in light of all those concerns, he did not just use the computers available in the SCIF in his basement, Comey said he wasn’t thinking about his memo as belonging to the government, so he used his personal, unclassified laptop. ‘This is for me,’ he thought, according to the report.”

However, in spite of Comey’s reckless and illegal actions, it looks like he’s getting out of this free and clear. The DOJ is refusing to press charges.

As of today, it looks like Comey is safe.

Is anyone else sick and tired of these traitors breaking federal law publicly and getting away without any trouble? Because I am. This guy belongs in a jail cell. No government official should be allowed to illegally target a sitting United States president and get away with it. The fact that he’s free shows how biased the system is toward President Donald Trump.

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