James Comey skipping Senate Intel hearing, won’t testify

James Comey has announced that he won’t be attending the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Russian meddling next week. 

Apparently, he has “previous engagements.”

What is he doing?

I can’t imagine what prior engagements are important enough for him to avoid testifying about a mess he helped create.

Maybe he has a book signing event, as he continues to hawk his “memoir” across America. He’s already made millions from the book, but he seems to have a bottomless appetite for fame and publicity.

The committee is investigating allegations of Russia meddling in the 2016 election — a topic that has dominated the news cycle for over a year now.

At issue is whether the heads of the top law enforcement agencies, including Comey’s FBI, practiced faulty “tradecraft” and failed to keep America safe from Russian interference.

It certainly appears that they didn’t do a great job protecting us. What’s their excuse?

Other members of the Deep State, including James Clapper and John Brennan, are going to be there.

Why not Comey?

Running from accountability

Maybe Comey doesn’t want to testify because he wants to conceal the fact that he was asleep at the helm of America’s premier law enforcement agency while the Russians blatantly tried to influence the election.

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Democrats hold Comey up as a hero while smearing Trump over Russia. But Comey is the one who actually had some responsibility to stop the Russians from meddling and didn’t. Now he doesn’t want to face the music.

He’s a vain, primping, fame-hungry wannabe celebrity, and this latest move just proves it.

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