Devin Nunes predicts James Comey will face conspiracy charges

Recently, former FBI Director James Comey was technically cleared of criminal wrongdoing for his mishandling of classified documents.

Despite that, it seems Comey may not be out of the woods yet. He may have successfully avoided charges up to this point, but The Hill reports that the DOJ Inspector General’s conclusions may set the stage for a future conspiracy indictment.

String of Misconduct

Comey violated FBI protocols in his mishandling of information. He lost his job for the infraction but was not subjected to criminal charges over it.

However, the ulterior motive in his mishandling of information could lead to a conspiracy indictment. James Comey may have been part of an overarching plan entered into with other parties to illegally undermine the president.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) says the IG report contains all the evidence needed to pursue a case. Nunes went as far as to say “That is what the Justice Department should be looking at — conspiracy to break many laws.”

It is no question that Comey was part of the swamp that Trump has been trying to drain since he was elected.

Comey is the one who signed off on FISA applications knowing they were based on nothing. Comey is the one who allowed the spying on Trump.

Those FISA applications and the memo on which they were premised directly led to the Mueller investigation, igniting a two-year witch hunt that wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and undermined President Trump at every turn.

The Deep State

We all knew Trump would meet serious resistance in Washington. But people like James Comey and Peter Strzok have long been willing to break laws to stop the president’s agenda.

The people in Washington who think they are above the law need to be brought down. They need to be made an example of.

James Comey should not get away with attempting to subvert a democratically elected president. Everyone involved in misleading the public should also face profound consequences.

The rule of law is rendered meaningless when some are allowed to escape accountability for actions as nefarious as these.

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