Pundit: James Comey should be ‘behind bars for years to come’

Is jail time in the cards for former FBI Director James Comey?

According to The Gateway Pundit‘s Joe Hoft, Comey should be “behind bars for years to come” for leaking to the media what should have been classified notes on his conversations with the president.

The “leakees”

In an article on Saturday, Hoft compiled a list of individuals with whom Comey shared his “classified” notes — sometimes referred to as “the Comey memos” — which ABC News described as Comey’s “contemporaneous notes about his conversations and encounters with President Donald Trump before he was fired [in 2017].”

Among the names Hoft listed are Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI; James Baker, who served in both the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations; and James Rybicki, a former official for the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI.

Also included are Daniel Richman, a one-time “consultant” to the DOJ and “adviser” to Comey who is believed to have leaked the notes to The New York Times; Patrick Fitzgerald and David Kelly, former United States attorneys; and Benjamin Wittes, the Lawfare editor-and-chief who is also a friend of Comey.

The last person to make the list is Comey himself, who has admitted to leaking his memos to The New York Times for political purposes — which, according to Hoff, is illegal.

The “leaker”

But it wasn’t just that Comey leaked the memos — he also lied about it.

“Comey claimed he released his memos in response to a [t]weet from President Trump, but Comey’s memos were released prior to the date of the tweet,” Hoft wrote. “Comey also lied when he said he gave the memo to [T]he New York Times ([v]ia Daniel Richman) on Monday, May 15th. We know this because the NYT article came out on the 11th.”

Hoft also disputed the notion that memos were not classified — or as Comey put it, that they were his “personal memoir.”

“If the Comey memos were not classified information, why were portions redacted?” Hoft asked, echoing a tweet from YourVoice America’s Bill Mitchell.

For these reasons, Hoft says, Comey should be in prison.

“These criminal actions should put [Comey] behind bars for years to come,” Hoft wrote. “It’s time he’s held accountable.”

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