James Comer: Investigators getting close to Joe Biden

March 16, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Critics of Joe Biden and his family long have charged that members essentially have run, for years, a pay-for-play scheme, where foreign interests pay for access to him, first as vice president and now president.

The idea is supported by details from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop and other evidence, which revealed Joe Biden was the "big guy" in line for a 10% cut from one deal that was set up with Chinese interests.

Now a report from Just the News reveals investigators now are "getting very close" to Joe Biden.

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., explained congressional investigators have identified at least a dozen bank accounts that were used to funnel money from foreign sources to Joe Biden's family. Further, there's evidence that funds went to benefit Joe Biden himself.

Comer said in an interview with the "Just the News, No Noise" television program that details are coming from the many Suspicious Activity Reports that have been filed with the Treasury Department in recent years by banks flagging Biden family overseas business transactions.

Comer said whistleblowers have added to that information, too.

He explained evidence is making clear that several Biden family members were integral to getting, and distributing, foreign money, including from China, Russia, Ukraine, and more.

Comer said Jim Biden, Joe Biden's brother, "had a lot of deals in the Middle East. We know about a lot of these deals because a lot of them are in federal bankruptcy court right now."

Comer added, "And that's the other story here: I don't know if any of these business deals ever lasted. I mean, they were all scams and schemes and failures. So why would people continue to send this family massive amounts of money? Because they don't have any expertise. Were they getting something in return? If so, then Joe Biden would be the primary suspect, because I don't think that Hunter Biden or Jim Biden, or any of the family members of the Biden family can actually do something on behalf of the government. But Joe Biden could, and that's why we're investigating this."

He said he expects to find "many Biden family members that were involved in the schemes."

And why were deals made?

"It doesn't make sense for this family to receive these massive amounts of money from our adversaries. They're not dealing with Canada. They're not dealing with the Europeans, you know, the normal European Union countries. They're dealing with countries like Russia and China and the United Arab Emirates. I mean, it's bizarre some of the countries that are doing business with the Bidens," he told Just the News.

Representatives for Joe Biden didn't return requests for comment.

Comer did confirm that details from whistleblowers have revealed that family companies, often limited liability companies, that were getting payments from foreign interests did, in fact, pay for things "for Joe Biden."

"So that's very curious, you know. This is getting to the point where it's getting very close to Joe Biden," he said.

Joe Biden previously has denied any knowledge whatsoever of his family's business activities, but Comer explained it's apparent, from the money trail, "Biden was in on the game."

The New York Post reported that Comer also confirmed bank records show Joe Biden's daughter-in-law Hallie also was a recipient of Chinese cash in a 2017 deal.

She's the widow of Joe Biden's son Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

Comer noted that "Over the course of several years, members of the Biden family and their companies received over $1.3 million in payments from accounts related to their associate, Rob Walker. Most of this money came as a result of a wire from a Chinese energy company and went not only to Hunter and James Biden but also to Hallie Biden and an unknown 'Biden.'"

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