Intel Report confirms James Clapper was not truthful in his testimony – could now face charges

Former Obama lackey James Clapper just found out he may be in some big-league trouble for testimony given under oath to Congress.

When asked in July 2017 if he had ever leaked information about the Steele dossier with the press, Clapper said “No,” but he later openly admitted to leaking information to Jake Tapper of CNN.

Let’s Backtrack

To understand the importance of this leak, we need to backtrack to January 2017.

Rumors of the Trump dossier were running rampant by this time, then the bombshell dropped.

BuzzFeed got its hands on the dossier and word got out the news outlet was going to publish the information in full.

When BuzzFeed finally published the dossier in full on January 10, 2017, it blew up the internet.

Along with BuzzFeed, CNN published its own story about specific information discussed during a briefing held with Trump and Obama on the information within the dossier.

James Comey himself admitted CNN had the information not only about the dossier, but also about the classified security briefing given to Trump and Obama about the document.

Where CNN got its information from was the subject of concern because access to that briefing was very limited, so someone in that room obviously leaked information to the press.

Congressional Hearing

When the congressional hearing was being held about the Russian influence in the election, this leak was also part of the investigation.

Clapper was called to testify and was specifically asked about the leak (via transcript of his testimony):

Rep. Rooney: Did you discuss the dossier or any other intelligence related to Russia hacking of the 2016 election with journalists?

Clapper: No.

However, in the report by the congressional committee, it says Clapper later admitted that he not only discussed the dossier with Jake Tapper of CNN, but he “may” have discussed the dossier with other journalists.

The Payoff

The leak is significant in that BuzzFeed apparently used the confirmation of the dossier and the meeting held with Trump and Obama to legitimize its publishing of the dossier on January 10.

It is also fairly significant because Clapper ended up landing a job with CNN afterwards.

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Was this a payoff for him leaking classified information to the network while he was still serving?

It sure does seem that way.

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