James Biden's 'loan repayment' to Joe Biden raises questions, lawmaker writes

November 2, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

It's scary to think that if House Republicans didn't have majority control with subpoena power, America wouldn't know much about the business dealings of the Biden family. 

One of the most recent bombshells was the $200,000 check President Joe Biden received from his brother, James Biden, marked as a "loan repayment," which was only made public thanks to the efforts of certain Republican members of Congress.

In an op-ed for Fox News, Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) pointed out that the so-called "loan" situation happening in the Biden family is not only bizarre, but deserves extra attention, as the American people have a right to know what took place.

President Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that he has had any involvement in the family business, but growing evidence seems to prove otherwise.

Bank records tell all

Rep. Smith pointed out that the money trail, which seems to indicate that Joe Biden is fully aware of -- and possibly active in -- his family's various business dealings, many of which are shady or potentially downright illegal, doesn't lie.

"Bank records do not lie. We now know Joe Biden received a $200,000 payment from his brother, James Biden, just after his brother received a loan for that exact same amount from a health care company he was doing business with. These "loans" were granted to James Biden in exchange for opening doors and helping that company obtain an investment from the Middle East," Smith wrote.

Smith went on to suggest that the "loans" made within the Biden family are nothing more than ways to "shuffle" money from the family business back to the Big Guy.

Smith wrote, "In 2020, the same year Joe Biden was running for president, a high-profile Hollywood attorney, Kevin Morris, began paying Hunter Biden’s unpaid tax liability to the tune of $2 million. While Hunter Biden’s attorneys have now sought to characterize this payment as a "loan," it appears as though the paperwork trying to support such was only done years after the fact and once the IRS began to raise suspicion."

The Missouri Republican wrote that "it's only right" that we learn what Morris received in exchange for bailing Hunter Biden out with the $2 million loan.

The shell game

Smith pointed to the discovery that the Biden family has used over 20 shell companies to "move money around the world and disguise the flow of money."

"Now we understand that on top of that structure, the Biden family seems to have used a series of loans to move money from family member to family member," he wrote. "This kind of financial maneuvering is highly unusual and demands transparency, especially when it comes to those entrusted with leading our nation."

He vowed that House Republicans will continue to deep-dive their investigation to get to the root of the Biden family business and just how dirty it might actually be.

Only time will tell if any Bidens are actually held responsible, should the evidence demand it.

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