James Biden taped by FBI during probe nearly 30 years ago!

 December 18, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

New reports reveal that James Biden, Joe Biden's younger brother, was tape-recorded by the FBI during an investigation more than 30 years ago, giving more fodder to critics who claim there's a Biden crime family.

That long-ago case left neither James, 74 nor Joe Biden, 81, implicated in "any major criminal wrongdoing," according to a report from the New York Post.

But PJMedia explained what it looks like, "Joe Biden's brother, James Biden, was caught on tape in the 1990s taking a bribe, and the FBI has video evidence of it. According to a report from the Washington Post, a corrupt trial attorney went to James Biden to get what he wanted... solely because he is Joe Biden's brother."

The case involved Richard Scruggs, a Mississippi trial attorney, who was on the edge of a resolution that would force tobacco companies to pay billions of dollars. But to get past the last hurdle, a signoff from a divided Congress, he reached out to Jim Biden, whose brother was "one of the most skeptical senators."

At the time Jim Biden was running a consulting firm and it was paid $100,000 for "advice on passing the bill."

"I probably wouldn’t have hired him if he wasn’t the senator’s brother," Scruggs said, according to the report. Joe Biden eventually backed the plan, but it failed in Congress anyway.

"Joe Biden was reportedly reluctant to support the legislation, but curiously, after his brother took the $100,000, he had an epiphany and supported the legislation," the report explained.

Even the Washington Post noted: "Scruggs’s deal with James Biden highlights how President Biden’s brother has for decades benefited financially from his proximity to his powerful sibling, a relationship that is newly relevant today as congressional Republicans investigate whether President Biden assisted his family members’ business deals. During Joe Biden’s 36 years in the Senate, eight years as vice president, and now three years as president, James Biden’s private business work — as a consultant for hire and behind-the-scenes political fixer — has often intersected with his brother’s public responsibilities."

The Biden's weren't "implicated," but Scruggs did go to prison over the scandal.

PJMedia pointedly noted: "It certainly adds some interesting new context to the ongoing investigations and the impeachment inquiry, doesn't it? How much more evidence do we need that the Biden family is notoriously corrupt, selling Joe Biden's influence to those willing to pay top dollar—even foreign countries?"

The New York Post explained James Biden was "secretly recorded" by the FBI during that investigation.

The report said, "Seeking some $368 billion, Scruggs needed Congress to waive antitrust provisions as part of a settlement deal. Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) in 1997 initially said he was 'not yet convinced that this settlement is a good deal.' Despite initially being reluctant, Joe Biden, who sat on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee as the ranking member, ultimately became one of its most significant backers."

What currently is going on in the Biden family soap opera is that there are reports first daughter Ashley Biden owes $5,000 in taxes, first son Hunter Biden is defending himself on weapons charges as well as a multitude of tax charges, and Congress formally has begun an impeachment investigation into Joe Biden after investigators outlined evidence suggesting a years-long, whole-family influence-peddling scheme in which members raked him some $20 million in exchange for nothing other than access to Joe Biden as vice president and then president.

There's already been an FBI document alleging $5 million bribes each to Joe and Hunter Biden to address a corruption investigation into a Ukrainian company, another $240,000 in payments directly to Joe Biden that allegedly were "laundered" as loan "repayments," and much, much more.

Hunter Biden subpoenaed to testify to Congress last week, thumbed his nose at members by holding a press conference nearby but refusing to show up to answer questions.

report at Redstate.com said the details coming out show "more of the family business, with elements never revealed before about how James Biden's consulting firm was paid big money regarding a tobacco bill back in the 1990s."

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