Former WH Physician Ronny Jackson makes ‘medical determination’ that Biden is unfit to hold office

In the view of many Americans, President Joe Biden has increasingly displayed signs of decline in terms of his mental health and cognitive capabilities, and that would include former White House Physician Ronny Jackson, who is now an elected Republican member of Congress from Texas.

Rep. Jackson spoke at a rally for former President Donald Trump in Texas on Saturday and spent a few moments addressing the seemingly apparent issues with the current president that render him unfit to hold office, the Western Journal reported.

White House now an “assisted-living facility” for Biden

The former White House physician cited his experience working for both former Presidents Barack Obama and Trump and asserted, “I know what it takes, physically and mentally, to be the president of the United States, and I’m here to tell you today, I’m making a medical determination — Joseph Biden does not have what it takes to be our president.”

“This man is confused, he doesn’t know where he’s at, he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he doesn’t know what office he’s running for,” the former doctor continued. “He shuffles when he walks, he slurs his speech, he stares blankly off into nowhere. This is a problem.”

“This is a problem for our country. He’s destroyed this country, domestically and internationally,” Jackson added. “We have our whole country being led by somebody who lives in an assisted-living facility at the White House now.”

Obvious evidence of “serious cognitive decline”

The Western Journal noted that this was far from the first time that Rep. Jackson, given his prior position as the top doctor in the White House, has repeatedly shared his experience-based and knowledgeable concerns about President Biden’s physical and mental health — indeed, even before Biden was elected in 2020.

One recent example came in late September after a Biden “gaffe” in which the president sought during a speech to call out and highlight for recognition a Republican congresswoman, the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN), who had died in a tragic car accident less than two months earlier.

“It doesn’t take a neurologist to realize he’s in serious cognitive decline,” Jackson told the Washington Examiner of Biden at that time.

“The American people know what’s going on here, and they don’t think the commander-in-chief is capable of doing his job,” he added. “It’s past time for White House staff and the liberal media to stop shielding him from questions about his mental acuity and demand he answer my call for a cognitive test.”

Majority of voters, including most Democrats, are “concerned”

Jackson is certainly not alone in expressing his concerns about Biden’s mental health, but rather is part of a 64 percent majority, according to an October survey from I&I/TIPP, who are either “very” or “somewhat concerned” about the mental health status of the president.

Incredibly, that concerned majority now includes 52 percent of Democrats, as compared to just 39 percent in an August survey, who are worried by Biden’s “recent very public displays of possibly age-related mental impairments” and “unsteadiness, confusion, and verbal gaffes” that call into question his “mental acuity.”

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