Jack Smith throws up his hands, begs judge to 'stop' Trump from delaying trial

 April 16, 2024

Jack Smith is being driven out of his wits by his ongoing struggle to bring Donald Trump to trial.

The federal prosecutor could not hide his exasperation in a court filing urging Florida judge Aileen Cannon to "stop" Trump from delaying his classified documents trial any further.

Smith blasted Trump's "plainly wrong" argument that overlapping court obligations in New York prevent his legal team from making a deadline in the Florida case.

Jury selection began on Monday in Trump's hush money trial in New York.

Jack Smith loses it

Trump's legal team asked Cannon to postpone a May 9 deadline until after the New York trial is over. The trial is likely to take about six weeks.

In a blistering court filing, Smith accused Trump of taking advantage of his packed court schedule - which Trump has complained is the product of a "witch hunt" - to avoid going to trial.

“Trump elected to engage the same counsel of record in multiple serious criminal matters, and his counsel agreed to the multiple engagements. Having made such decisions, they should not be allowed to use their overlapping engagements to perpetually delay trial in this case,” Smith said.

"This must stop," Smith snapped.

Smith has regularly accused Trump of trying to avoid trial with a delay strategy. Trump, in turn, says Smith is on a mission to interfere in the 2024 election.

Libs complain about the mess they made

Trump has been charged with 34 felonies for "falsifying business records" in the hush money case. Prosecutor Alvin Bragg has been scrutinized over his unusual legal theory, which is predicated on a mysterious underlying crime that Bragg has yet to identify.

The hush money case is generally seen as the least serious of the four criminal cases Trump is facing, and it is currently the only one that is certain to reach a verdict before the presidential election.

Judge Cannon has faced furious media backlash and accusations of slow walking the complex documents case, which does not have a firm trial date.

It sounds like Smith's real problem is that Democrats got carried away with charging Trump in so many different cases.

They can hardly complain that Trump is now doing whatever he can to turn a very difficult and unfair situation to his advantage.

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