Jack Smith increasingly frustrated with progress of Trump documents case

 April 17, 2024

Jack Smith is increasingly unable to hide his frustration with delays in his classified documents case against Joe Biden's electoral rival, Donald Trump.

The prosecutor's sharp, exasperated tone in court filings has led many to see a rift with the judge, Aileen Cannon, who is taking her time scheduling a date in the complex trial.

Trump has accused Smith of trying to rush the case before the election. If Trump were to win the presidency, he could then dismiss the charges.

On the other hand, Smith has griped about delays in the case, while clashing with the judge over various legal issues.

Smith losing his patience

In a new filing on Monday, Smith accused Trump of trying to delay the case indefinitely by citing his packed court schedule. Trump's criminal trial in New York is starting off this week.

"They should not be allowed to use their overlapping engagements to perpetually delay trial in this case,” Smith wrote. “The Court should reject the defendants’ latest delay tactic.”

While Smith has fumed at Trump frequently, the prosecutor has also shown increasing fury toward Cannon over some of her decisions.

The judge has pushed back on Smith's aggressive demands, blasting his "unprecedented and unjust" request for a quick ruling in a dispute over jury instructions after he blasted her for considering a "fundamentally flawed" legal theory.

Cannon holds her own

Cannon has also criticized Smith for "repeatedly" ignoring basic rules on sealing documents and failing to justify his "sweeping" requests for secrecy in the trial.

"The Court finds the Special Counsel's sweeping request and generalized rationales inadequate to overcome the public's common-law interest in access to these materials," Cannon wrote.

Cannon has been a target of criticism from the media and left-wing law experts, who have characterized the Trump appointee as little more than a toady of the former president. Some of have urged Smith to seek the judge's removal, but legal experts say the move isn't likely to succeed.

"Judge Cannon has been consistently wrong on law, and Smith's increasing frustration is evident in his filings," attorney Neama Rahmani told Newsweek.

"It's still unlikely that she will be removed from the case, however," Rahmani said.

Trump has labeled Smith "deranged" and an aggressive partisan who is working to interfere in the election on Biden influence the 2024 election.

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