Jack Smith attempts to inform the jury on Trump's prior efforts to generate doubt regarding elections

 December 6, 2023

Special Counsel Jack Smith is looking for permission to offer the jury evidence about former President Donald Trump's attempts to foster doubt about the election process.

This comes as Smith is attempting to prosecute Trump for his actions on January 6, which is around the time that Smith asserts the former president was sewing doubt about the election process, as POLITICO reported.

The prosecutor asserts that such information would help jurors in deciding whether Trump was actually trying to overthrow the government, as Smith asserts he was.

What Smith Wants to Present

Smith is petitioning U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan for authorization to present evidence that, while not explicitly charged in the criminal indictment, might have a bearing on the jury's deliberation of the alleged offenses is nonetheless pertinent.

In criminal proceedings, these particulars, referred to as 404(b) evidence, are frequently introduced to assist the jury in discerning the intent or motive of the defendant by examining uncharged "bad acts."

Smith asserts that the evidence in this instance will assist jurors in determining Trump's objective in the chaotic weeks preceding the January 6 riot at the Capitol, when he attempted to undermine the election.

Prosecutors intend to present an array of 404(b) evidence, not limited to the false election fraud allegations from previous years.

Gaston indicated that they plan to inform the jury of Trump's recurrent denials of a peaceful transfer of power in 2016 and 2020.

They wish to introduce his exhortation to the Proud Boys in September 2020 to "stand back and stand by," which served as a catalyst for the group's leaders to take action and set the Proud Boys in motion toward their involvement in the January 6 violation of the Capitol.

Additional Allegations

Prosecutors also allege that Trump waged a retaliatory campaign against Republican Party allies, including the former legal counsel of the RNC, who refused to acknowledge his allegations of election fraud.

In the years following the riot on January 6, prosecutors assert that Trump endeavored to associate himself with the demonstrators, something they would also like to talk about with the jury.

Trump, who has pledged to consider pardoning many of them, has referred to them as "hostages," lamented the severity of the sentences meted out to even the most egregious offenders, and collaborated with some of the most violent riot defendants incarcerated in the D.C. jail to compose a song.

“This evidence shows that the rioters’ disruption of the certification proceeding is exactly what the defendant intended on January 6,” Gaston wrote.

In the days and weeks preceding the 2012 election, during which President Barack Obama was attempting to oust Republican nominee Mitt Romney for re-election, Trump also complained that voting machines were being manipulated and the election was tainted with fraud.

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