J6 defense counsel makes stunning claim about Ashli Babbitt

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new story from the Gateway Pundit is explaining that one of the defense lawyers for the J6 riot defendants is making some stunning accusations against Ashli Babbitt, the protester who was shot and killed by Capitol Police that day.

“I’m glad she died. I think she’s dumb—. Did you see the — some of what she did?” charged Dan Hull in an interview with the Gateway Pundit.

The report said Hull is the lead criminal defense lawyer representing Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs in his conspiracy trial in Washington.

“When I saw the picture” of Babbitt, “I thought it was a great shot,” Hull claimed.

Biggs, an Army staff sergeant who earned two Purple Hearts in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been in solitary confinement for nearly a year, the report said.

He’s accused by the government of being a ringleader during the violence that day.

Hull continued, “She’s like a common criminal. Maybe you don’t want to do the interview now,” Hull said. “But most of the people who are there, not knowing what they’re doing, and making it up, about — in their head, they’re just really stupid people who shouldn’t have been there.

“It’s nice to see them politically active in their life. But this is some of the dumbest people on the face of the planet and they made the right look really bad, really bad — my right,” he said.

He also said the minor offense of trespassing on Capitol Hill grounds is justification for officers to “take a life.”

“I can’t stand any more whitewash bull—- about my case. Have you read any of the extremes in Joe’s case? I sent you some things. It says that he’s a leader. He’s in a special group and it’s an intelligent decision. It’s like if anybody can make this happen again — well if anybody did make this happen, the way that it’s outlined by DOJ, assuming it’s true, it may not be, these are the guys you want in jail even though they’re not violent. Everybody else, No. They’re just these white trashes kinds of pieces of s—. They are. And there are some nice people. And there’s all these people have this team sport thing of they versus them. They’ll have to didn’t have to do anything. The government didn’t have to do anything. These people made — put themselves in a situation where most of them were very lucky not to have been shot.”

The report said prosecutors say Hull should not be on the case because he previously represented Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and other J6 defendants when they were subpoenaed by the partisan and now-defunct Jan. 6 House committee.

During arguments this week, Judge Timothy Kelly threatened to hold Hull in contempt for interrupting, and opening statements in the case were postponed

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