J6 committee accused of threatening witness

 March 23, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

One of the biggest talking points that Nancy Pelosi's partisan Jan. 6 committee, which essentially worked to blame President Donald Trump for the riot that day in 2021, used was that Trump refused to authorize National Guard troops to protect the Capitol.

Only he didn't. Evidence now shows he told Democrat officials that he would authorize up to 10,000 to be on hand that day.

But that evidence was suppressed by Pelosi's committee, which in large part was led by anti-Trump GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., who shortly later was booted from Congress by her voters.

And now we know how much that committee wanted that information hidden.

A report from the Post-Millennial reveals that the committee "threatened" an official when he confirmed Trump had called for the Guard to be present.

"Chris Miller said that when the J6 committee would 'make his life hell' if he kept going on TV to talk about the J6 case. He said it was clear Liz Cheney was running the show," the report explained.

Miller is Trump's former acting Defense Secretary and confirmed the threat about what would happen to him if he "kept on claiming that Trump authorized" the Guard.

"Miller spoke to the Daily Mail about the allegations and said when he would go on TV interviews to recount his experiences with Trump calling for the National Guard, the J6 panel would bring him in for hours at a time for additional testimony," the report said.

Miller confirmed that an interview he did in 2022 with Sean Hannity and Trump-era National Security official Kash Patel "hit a nerve" with Pelosi's hand-picked committee.

"The two of us were on [the Fox News show] and the next day my lawyer got a call from the Jan. 6 staff director – I forgot exactly who it was – but basically saying, very legalistic: 'Well, if your client has additional information he wants to share, we'd be happy to have him re-interviewed,'" Miller confirmed.

"It was more than a latent threat of: 'If you want to keep going on TV, we're gonna drag you in here again for additional hours of hearing testimony.' So that was the nature of that whole thing," he said.

Miller said the fear he experienced from the threats caused him – for a time – to stop speaking on the issue.

"I wasn't communicating with anybody, because I knew any interactions I had on it would result in me having to… acknowledge that I'd been in communications with other people. And then that just sort of opens up a whole can of worms with the investigators that I just didn't want to do."

The evidence now appears to show that while Trump suggested the troops, Democrats running Congress at the time refused to accept his suggestion, and their choice left the building vulnerable to those who later vandalized it.

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