J.D. Vance responds to VP speculation

 April 30, 2024

Ohio senator J.D. Vance is rumored to be near the top of Donald Trump's VP shortlist, but the political newcomer is taking a low-key approach to the running mate speculation. Vance, 39, said Trump has not discussed a VP role with him in their talks together, but he would "seriously" consider the job.

"I talked to President Trump a lot. We're very close," Vance told Fox News Sunday

J.D. Vance for VP?

When asked if he has been vetted for VP, Vance said he would be honored to receive such an offer "because I think it's really important that he win."

"I've never spoken to him about being vice president, so I assume that a lot of this is media speculation."

Before entering politics, Vance was known as author of the book Hillbilly Elegy, which chronicles the Ohio native's Rust Belt upbringing.

Vance was also a sharp critic of Trump in 2016 but later embraced Trump and his "America First" movement, winning a key endorsement from Trump in 2022 that sealed his Senate win. Vance has since become known as a fiery populist and one of Trump's strongest backers in the often-lukewarm Senate, where establishment Republicans continue to hold sway.

Vance told Fox News Sunday that he supports Trump because the country prospered on his watch and now the "world is on fire."

"I was wrong. I didn't think he would be a good president. He was a great president," he said.

Trump keeps America guessing

Vance has a significant advantage over some of his potential VP rivals: a close friendship with Donald Trump Jr. The two communicate almost daily, the New York Times reported.

"In the world of politics, you make a lot of acquaintances, but there are very few actual friends," Trump Jr. told the New York Times.

"D has become a close friend of mine, and I'm a big supporter of everything he's been doing policywise to put America First in the Senate."

Vance's moderation on abortion could appeal to Trump, who is trying to undercut Biden's messaging on the issue. Vance called for Republicans to change their approach after Ohio, a state where Trump is popular, voted to enshrine abortion in its constitution last year.

While the media tracks the rising and falling stocks of different contenders, it's all speculative until Trump makes a decision.

Trump isn't expected to name a candidate until the summer.

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