Report: Ivanka Trump won’t launch primary challenge against ‘personal friend’ Marco Rubio

In recent weeks, speculation has swirled that former President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka would soon mount a campaign for a statewide office in Florida, most likely in the form of a primary challenge against Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

But according to a new report from The New York Times, Ivanka Trump has no plans of launching a campaign to oust Rubio from his seat in the U.S. Senate.

In fact, the Times‘ report alleges that the daughter of former President Trump sees Rubio as a “good personal friend” who she may even stump for when he comes up for re-election in less than two years.

“They had a great talk”

The Times‘ report cited a top aide to Rubio as well as unnamed sources said to be “close” to Ivanka Trump.

“Marco did speak with Ivanka a few weeks ago,” Rubio spokesman Nick Iacovella told the Times. “Ivanka offered her support for Marco’s re-election. They had a great talk.”

That assertion from Iacovella was reportedly confirmed by one of the sources close to Ivanka Trump, who suggested that she had never really been considering a Senate run at this point, anyway.

The source also reportedly claimed that Rubio’s office had asked Ivanka Trump to delay a public announcement on whether she planned to mount a campaign until at least April, ostensibly so that there could be a coordinated event in which the decision was revealed.

Iacovella declined to confirm or deny that claim, the Times said, but he did acknowledge that there had been some discussion of the pair holding an event together to highlight issues they had cooperated on in the past, such as the expanded child tax credit that was included in President Trump’s landmark tax reform bill.

A “good personal friend”

According to the Miami Herald, Ivanka Trump referred to Rubio in a recent statement as a “good personal friend” and a “tremendous advocate for working families.”

“I have seen Marco’s commitment to fighting for American families through our work together to double the child tax credit, get millions more Americans access to paid family leave, and creating the paycheck protection program to support small business during the pandemic,” she said.

Rubio also released a statement Thursday saying he is “incredibly grateful to Ivanka for her friendship and support,” the Herald reported.

Ivanka Trump may one day follow in the footsteps of her father and run for a political office, but by all accounts, it won’t be happening in 2022 — or at least, it won’t be by way of a primary challenge against the Sunshine State’s senior U.S. senator.

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