Eminem video shows him finding Ivanka Trump’s dead body in his car

Did Eminem just take things way too far?

In his most recent, and bizarre, video, Eminem’s raps about killing First Daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Gone Off the Deep End

It is no secret Eminem does not like President Trump one bit.

During an awards show earlier this year, he did a freestyle rap calling out the President.

Now, he is blatantly discussing a murder spree and finding Ivanka Trump dead in the trunk of his care.

Liberals will no doubt defend this disgraceful display as freedom of speech, but where do we draw the line?

If you are blatantly making a threat against a member of the First Family, be it in a song or some other open forum, is it not still a threat?

Not Me Syndrome

The latest pattern by liberals is getting more and more disturbing.

They suggest violence, but claim is it nothing more than freedom of speech.

Yet, lyrics like these plant these insane ideas into the heads of our children.

If one were to interview Eminem about the lyrics, he would no doubt say he was merely expressing what he wanted to do, not what he will do.

However, a young child that worships him may take this to mean he needs to carry out his desires.

So, when that child commits murder, will Eminem take the blame for planting the evil seed in that child’s head?

Maybe Entertainment Is No Longer Entertainment

We have been wondering what is making this current generation of teenagers snap and kill their own in these mass murders.

Perhaps we need to look at the entertainment industry and the message it regularly sends out.

After all, most teens today have their heads buried in their smartphones more often than not.

It is not unreasonable to think they are being strongly influenced by the songs and movies they watch and listen to.

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While not recommending censorship, we are recommending common sense.

Perhaps the time has come to drop the hammer on these maniac liberals that are filling our children’s heads with murderous thoughts then sitting back and letting the children take the fall.

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